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We’ve Entered a Virtual Reality

A garage-born early stage technical gizmo just got bought by Facebook for 2 f-ing billion American dollars. My first reaction was, “Did they dicker over the price? Or was Zuck just trying to get attention?”

Whenever I see one of these dominating enterprises buying out some small fish with a niche market I have to wonder if that’s the only option. Couldn’t Facebook buy the services of a few brilliant geeks for a mere $1B to build a better product from the ground up? Oculus VR certainly doesn’t have a market-ready product. Outside of video gamers, no other groups have demonstrated a desire or need for wearable, clunky headsets and immersive animation. Second Life has its small coterie of users, but it never really lifted off.

I’m chalking this up to the Too Much Money to Play With disease. Call me on this once Oculus VR comes anywhere close to paying for itself or at least justifying its purchase. Meanwhile I’m glad to see video closing in on the mainstream of user-created content. Keep ’em under a few minutes in length and they do a good job of spurring interaction.