What is a Social Media Strategy?

Lord knows, I’d like to help. I’d like to be able to satisfy my clients and employers with what they believe they need to have. I wish I could provide them with a document of instruction to guide them to success through Social. But in all honesty I can’t.

Many people claim to be able to formulate such strategies. I’ve claimed that ability for years, going back to the invention of the term in the mid-’90s. I now know that I was not actually providing strategies. I believe, though, that what I’ve provided has been just as useful.

Human social behaviors are more plastic than organizations. The mass flows of human attention from one social platform to the next – migrations that no organization could possibly orchestrate – illustrate the risks of committing to long-term strategies. The changes that Google just announced in its search algorithm that some pundits are calling “the end of SEO” are a perfect example of overturning the apple cart of SEO dominance and an entire industry of SEO expertise.

So what replaces social media strategy in my world? It’s not so simple that it can fit into a blog post, but take an objective look at your own social media behavior and activity over the past few years. How much of that would you have predicted in 2011? Would you have bet money on the accuracy of a social media strategy formulated then?

This is my current theme. It rose out of my noticing the constant presence of social media strategy as part of the job descriptions I’m seeing.

I invite your comments.